Street Art Gallery

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York


The street art gallery is a reflection of the current state of Bushwick as a neighborhood of painted warehouses, an absurd proposal to create a home for the current commercial state of urban art.Graffiti is a complicated and rich subject in New York. Our work in Bushwick has challenged us to think of graffiti as a nuisance and an asset.

Over time, what was once called graffiti has broadened its scope to include a range of acts of art- from vandalism to commercial advertising. Our intent isn’t to have a one-sided critical stance on the role of street art in the city, but rather to provide a fantastical place to ponder the art’s value. We designed a gallery that uses industrial equipment to display, promote and sell street-decorated wall assemblies as aesthetic "found objects." Bulletproof glass panels enclose the space. These are detachable and available for sale when they are covered with enough quality graffiti to make them valuable.

The type and reason for the art doesn’t matter. It’s all for sale.