Equestrian Arena

Brooklyn, New York


How do we create a 21st century architectural model to bring horses back into the city?

There is a long history of horses in the city. In 1890, the horse was as ubiquitous as the smartphone; they did our work and provided transportation. These large creatures and their spatial and physical needs helped define the urban infrastructure and typology of New York City.

Today, the role of horses has diminished and is largely recreational. A new generation of expanding equestrian activities, such as educational and therapeutic riding have limited space to operate. Our project provides a model for an equestrian arena and chance for human/animal interaction in a typical New York City block. The classical form in plan allows a dining promenade in an aisle, between street facing stores and inward facing seating for the arena.

The vaulted space would be a first in the city, hosting large equestrian and educational events. It would also house a museum of the history of animals in the city, student outreach programs and horse stables. Visitors watch the ring as a generation of young, city-dwelling riders are exposed to animals generally only found on a farm.