GhoSt zoo

Barcelona, Spain


Welcome to Barcelona Zoo, the world’s first holographic zoological garden.

Since 2028, our mission has been to connect visitors with animals through free-roaming holographic projections. Following the international ban on wildlife captivity, the gardens transitioned from a well-intentioned, prison-like menagerie to an immersive adventure garden. Our proceeds go to the maintenance and expansion of global nature preserves and conservation habitats where we monitor animals for scanning and projection without human interference. Our infrastructure, built over the last 30 years, is a landscape for discovery, exploration, and education through sensory experiences of holographic interaction.

Hike or climb through our garden environments and experience the power of animals in their current remote protected habitats, recorded and holographically projected in real time. Remember, you can see them, but they can’t see you.

Stroll through the ocean and enjoy the songs and sights of our humpback whales as they echo through the craters, caverns, theaters, and remnants of historical exhibits.

Get as close as you like; the dodos don’t bite! Humanely-cloned per European standards before being released into the wild, our dodos are broadcast from the island of Mauritius. We can intimately observe their behavior without harm.

Watch your step. There are no trails or guardrails. Having trouble bouldering in the abandoned lion’s habitat? Ask one of our many holographic centaurs. They are here to help and equipped with powerful AI. Remember to be polite- although they are not physically present, they’re as real as you or me.