Motorcycle Garage

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York
1,500 sqft, Completed 2012


Bushwick is a painted neighborhood where street artists use walls as canvases. Instead of using paint, we used materials to react to the nature of the place. Bushwick Motorcycle Garage is a place to work on bikes and host parties. We transformed a marble shop in an industrial zone of Brooklyn into a courtyard and flexible space equipped to host a variety of events.

Years worth of marble dust, graffiti, moss, and stains exhibit the passage of time on the existing walls. Playing against this, our design uses refined materials and assemblies, custom-milled, polished, integrated, articulated. The cedar panels slide to form a flexible indoor/outdoor space. The space is daylit from above. The project is hidden in an alley, behind a steel gate which is regularly and respectfully overpainted by street artists.

This project won the Brooklyn AIA Design Award of Excellence in Adaptive Reuse and was published in several well-regarded periodicals. Read more on Renovating NYC and Interior Design Magazine.

Photos: Amy Barkow