How to build a time machine:

Step into a time machine, experience the past and future at once. Buildings are time machines. They take you places- reunite you with forgotten memories, allow for your mind to explore the future. Through design, we can manipulate matter to heighten those qualities, to create deeper ties with the past and structure visions for a positive future. History is all around us in the form of matter. The rock you are touching his 1.6 billion years old. Gasses from nebulas make up our sun, our bodies. We stare into the sky and see billions of years into the past, our homes can live thousands of years before becoming soil and trash. Our bodies live decades and thoughts stay in our minds, 7 seconds at a time. Our cities hold centuries of reconstruction and overturning. We see 1888, remember last year, predict 2074. We create matter and time through perception- the five senses. Experience multiple times at once, remember past events, forgotten sensory experiences. Is the physical world illusory? Or does it enter us through our senses and our breath, Fundamentally restructuring our bodies? Architecture is a means to try to understand and construct time. By using the time-based qualities of building as design points, we can expand our appreciation of our place in the environment, we make a richer existence, a deeper understanding.